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Award Winning Dog Boarding

We provide top-of-the-line, spacious dog boarding suites designed to keep your pet safe and comfortable. If you are going out of town for a business trip or holiday and can’t bring your furry friend with you, don’t worry - they’re in great hands with us.


Maybe you only need services during the day while you're at work? Come and check out our safe and fun Dog Daycare and schedule your Free Meet & Greet Day.

The Best Place For Dog Boarding in Atlanta

Everything’s bigger in Atlanta! We start by having the largest and cleanest kennels around. Luxury Suites are 8’x8’ for pups seeking the royal treatment. Large dogs enjoy plenty of space to lounge in our 6’x6’ kennels and smaller dogs stay comfy in our 4’x8’ kennels. Dogs are den animals by nature and sometimes prefer a smaller space to feel safe - our 4’x3’ kennels are perfect to keep your pup cozy.

Our surgical-grade, anti-bacterial tile floors throughout the kennel are santized with kennel-grade disinfectant at least once a day.  Even our walls are tile, which buffers sound between kennels for a quiet, relaxing stay. 


We Love Our Canine Guests

Here at Dog Days, we love the dogs that board with us just like they’re our own. Our expert staff is well-trained and dedicated to providing the best experience possible to our guests. It’s not uncommon to see staff members in the kennels nurturing or hand-feeding our guests. If one of our visitors is stressed or lonely, they’ll get all the extra attention they need. While staying with us, we monitor your pup’s eating, water intake, and potty habits.


While your pup is in our care, we want to know all we can about them to make sure they feel safe and at home. 

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Dog Boarding at Dog Days



Please bring your shot records. Proof of current vaccinations is required for Rabies, Distemper, Parvo Virus, and Bordetella. All pets must be free of internal/external parasites, including fleas and ticks.

●       The Bordetella vaccine must be given every 6 months. Proof includes vaccines that claim they are good for a year; this follows the guidelines of the manufacturers of the vaccine. If the Bordetella has lapsed, it must be updated at least 10 days before your visit.



Health and Safety Requirements

The health and safety of your pet is critically important to us.

●       Dogs must be spayed/neutered by 6 months

●       Dogs must be animal-friendly to participate in day care. Play groups are supervised and with others dogs of like size and temperament.

●       Please have your pup on a leash when entering Canine Courtyard


Pre-Bag Your Pets Food

Bring the food your pup is used to eating and ensure there’s enough for their entire stay.  We don’t want any upset tummies! You are also welcome to bring any snacks you may want us to give. Food should be pre-bagged per serving so we know how much to give and when you want snacks to be given.



Label Your Pets Belongings

Feel free to bring some of your pup's toys from home - just no rawhide or rope chew toys, please. All of our guests have cots to sleep on but you’re welcome to bring their bed or even a tee shirt with your scent on it. Let us know if you have any questions.



We have excellent procedures in place to make sure your dog gets the correct medication at the correct time. And there’s never any additional charges when your little buddies are staying with us. If you have any questions about the administration of specific medications, just ask us!



Drop Off & Pick Up Times

You are welcome to bring your dogs during our operating hours of 7am to 6:30pm during the week and 7am to 5pm on weekends. Be sure to give yourself enough time to arrive so that we can check in your pet in a stress-free manner.  Dogs must be picked up by 2pm to avoid an additional day’s charge.